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Can 50 bmg penetrate steel

Sushi Well, you can disable a tank by damaging external components. One thing that's happened time and time again in every war with tanks, is equipment stored on the bustle racks being ignited by RPGs or incendiaries. That's just reality though, since you gotta keep your belongings somewhere. There's also been times where external Auxiliary Power Units have been struck with small arms fire and caused disabling fires. Lessons Learned from Operation Iraqi Freedom pg 5 " M1s also carried flexible fuel bladders on the turret bustle that sometimes leaked down into the engine and caused fires that way.
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How To Make Home-Made Incendiary, “Armor Piercing” Ammo [VIDEO]

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A Green Beret's Guide To Basics and Priorities: Rucksacks, Vehicles and Specialty Gear

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. So, part of the problem with this question is that there are LOTS of. Part of the problem is that within each of these calibers there are a variety of loading, projectile types, etc. Part of the problem is that with each of the target materials there are variants - Pure Steel? No such thing - Steel is made from Iron and Carbon in varying ratios. There are lots of kinds of steel with lots of other stuff in them, and depending on how you heat treat certain steels you can get extremely varying performance.
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History[ edit ] John Browning had the idea for this round during World War I in response to a need for an anti-aircraft weapon, based on a scaled-up. According to the American Rifleman: American interest in an armor-piercing cartridge was influenced by the marginal French 11 mm design, prompting U.
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This corresponds to a kinetic energy of 12, ft-lbf … roughly five times the kinetic energy of a Winchester rifle. Many people are taken in by the physical appearance of the size of the 50 BMG cartridge, which leads to dramatic overestimation of the terminal performance capability of this cartridge. It must be mentioned that inaccuracy of a bullet increases with range. So even if your cartridge is capable of traveling the desired distance, dispersion of the round away from the point of aim will be greater as the distance becomes greater. This is because any force that causes a bullet to travel away from the centerline of the bore also creates a low velocity that works to push the bullet away from this centerline.
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