Sea Glass Inn
Placencia, Belize


How do I get to the Sea Glass Inn?
From Belize City you can book a flight with one of the local airlines; Mayan Air or Tropic Air to Placencia. You can then grab a cab at the airport directly to the Sea Glass Inn.

You can also rent a car and drive to Placencia from Belize City. It's about a 3 hour drive.

How do I contact the local Airlines?
Mayan Air


Tropic Air


What is the weather like in Placencia?
Belize has a very temperate climate all year round. The weather patterns do vary in different months which primarily means rain.Find out the weather patterns for your visit at

What language is spoken in Placencia?
English is the official language of Belize. The population of Belize is very diverse and around 350,000 people. In addition to english you will also find spanish, Kriol and mayan spoken here.

Can you drink the water?
Yes. One of the great advantages of Belize is potable water. You can drink the tap water and there is a water plant right in Placencia that is treated well water.

What time zone is placencia in?
Belize is on Central Standard Time but does not observe Daylight Savings..

What are the electric requirements?
The electric is the same as the US and Canada; 110V 60 cycle.

What is the currency?
The US Dollar is widely accepted along with Belize currency. The exchange rate is fixed: $2 BZD = $1 USD

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